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Managing Director

Managing Director Mr. Kenny Yap has started working as a normal technician for swimming pool construction. He was soon promoted to being a supervisor due to his dedication and determination on his job, resulting in him to be in charge of several construction projects.


About a year later, he decided to work in another company to broaden his knowledge and skills, which proves to be beneficial when he manage to secure himself with promotions to the managerial level. One of the main responsibilities is to command and schedule jobs for his technicians. Other than that, he is also responsible for tendering and attending meetings.

Yap was scouted by a Sub-contractor and was requested to set up a partnership business with them, which Yap gladly accepts. They started the business with a single desk and a single file for the small client list, and in about eight years later, the business have grown considerably with about numbers of staffs in operation and a growing database of clientele. The office was also relocated after they bought a building to adjust to the needs of the business growth. However the partnership soon broke off due of disagreement.

Aqua Luxury Pool Sdn Bhd was established then and Yap again had to start from scratch for his own business this time. Since previously he handle technical work, he have to learn the clerical jobs as well for his business and proves to be a tough task as he has zero experience in this field. With his resolution and striving to succeed in this industry, he keeps pushing himself and all the efforts that he had invested these few years have resulted in flourishing Aqua Luxury Pool Sdn Bhd as it is today.

Now having over ten years of experience of the field that he expertise in, he confidently lead Aqua Luxury Pool Sdn Bhd towards continuous improvement in swimming pool construction and contracts maintenance for hotels, resorts, bungalows, condominiums to taking care of the system, mixture of chemicals for cleaning, vacuum and brushing of the pool. The company even secured projects of swimming pools for Istana and Five Star Hotels, which are among the clientele.

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