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Customer Supports

Our Customer Care Services is a professional and highly efficient and experienced with a proven track record since Aqua Luxury Pool Sdn Bhd is established.


With a team of well-trained and experienced staffs for troubleshooting and efficient support, we offer the fastest possible response to customer requests and are on stand-by twenty four hours for emergency calls.

In addition, Aqua Luxury Pool Sdn Bhd is fully prepared to take upon construction projects by assigning a full time staff supervising the work performance and a back up staff arranged for each project to ensure efficiency to complete the task effectively, and using of Quality controlled products suitable for pool.

We also provide a wide range of services such as constructing the water filtration system to drawing pool shape design, excavation, cementing, tiling up until finishing of the swimming pool such as cabling, lighting, wiring etcetera, not forgetting the after sales services and contractual maintenance services.


The health and safety policy must not be taken lightly and needs to be drilled into everyone's mind. Safety awareness in the working environment is a must to avoid accidents or inconveniences to happen. At Aqua Luxury Pool Sdn Bhd, we are very particular about this and always remind all the staffs about the seriousness of this issue.

Trainings are provided every month to all the staffs to enhance their skills and knowledge for the construction and maintenance job. Safety equipments such as masks, gloves, boots etcetera are also introduced and used by the staffs while carrying out their maintenance and construction jobs for their safety. A compulsory safety meeting will also be held before carrying out the constructions task for each project.

Besides this, trainings on dousing of chemicals will also be conducted every month as there are a lot of risks involved during maintenance, to enhance the awareness on the handling of chemicals, mixtures as well as the correct way of chemicals storage. They will also be trained on the safety precautions and standard operating procedures to ensure that the requirements are well met and properly executed.

Staffs will also have a yearly training on updating new products usage, comparisons between existing products, technical functionality and operating procedures, products knowledge, introduction of new technology and equipments as well as chemicals reactions.

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